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Star Formation in Bright Rimmed Clouds (BRCs): Using Spitzer Space Telescope infrared images to find optically enshrouded stars that are in the process of formation in BRC 27 and BRC 34, which are clouds of gas being illuminated by other nearby, newly formed (but un-enshrouded) stars.


Found near the edges of HII regions, bright-rimmed clouds (BRCs) are thought to be home to triggered star formation. Using Spitzer Space Telescope archival data, we will investigate BRC 27 and BRC 34 to search for previously known and new additional young stellar objects (YSOs). BRC 27 is located in the molecular cloud Canis Majoris R1, a known site of star formation. BRC 34 has a variety of features worthy of deeper examination: dark nebulae, molecular clouds, emission stars, and IR sources. Beyond the unpublished preliminary analysis found in Allen et al.(2011), these two BRCs have not been studied in detail.

Our plan is to combine all available data, compare archival data to what is published in the literature, and examine properties of previously known YSOs as well as look for new YSOs. To accomplish this, we will search for YSOs using infrared excess, namely, large near- and mid-IR emissions originating from material surrounding young stars.

Participant Educator


Ms. Diane Sartore

Pine Ridge High School, Deltona, Florida



  • AJ Journal Article! December 11, 2012

    The BRC team has written up their work as a journal article, and it has been accepted by AJ! It will appear in the 2013 January issue but available today on the Journal's website, and here.

  • November 2012 updates for Ms. Johnson November 15, 2012

    Ms. Johnson sent along this link to a news item about last year's team's work being published.

  • NITARP 2011 proposal review April 1, 2011

    The NITARP class of 2011 all submitted research proposals. Several NITARP alumni helped review proposals from the NITARP 2011 teams. (A BIG thank you to Dr. Geoff Bryden, who has volunteered to chair this committee.)

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