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Summer Visit - 2011 - BRC team

The summer visit to Caltech is 3-4 days long and is the only time during the year of work when all the participants on the team come together in person to work intensively on the data. Generally, each educator may bring up to two students to the summer visit that are paid for by NITARP, and they may raise funds to bring two more. The teams work at Caltech; the summer visit typically includes a half-day tour of JPL. Reload to see a different set of quotes.

The BRC team came to visit in June 2011. The team's core educators attended, along with 10 students. IPAC staff member Mark Legassie also assisted.


  • Astronomers are much different than I expected. ... I didn't realize how many calculations and math was involved. ... it was a real eye-opener for how much we used everything we learned in school.
  • Real astronomy involves working as a team to find an answer.
  • [student:] I am so incredibly honored to be a part of an education system like NITARP that gives students a chance to explore astronomy and their future.
  • [student:] The most surprising thing I learned was the importance and significance our poster and paper would be, and that many prominent scientists and astronomers would be reading it, and be interested in it.
  • This experience definitely changed the way I thought about astronomy and astronomers. I didn't realize that some of the calculations and applications were as accessible as they were. I also didn't realize how collaborative of a job it is...[and it's made up of many components]

Summer Visit - 2011 - BRC team