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Benjamin Senson

Mr. Benjamin Senson

Benjamin Senson

James Madison Memorial High School, Madison, Wisconsin

Grades or community reached

General Public: Museum, General Public: Amateur, Community College, 10, 11, 12


Mr. Senson is part of the NITARP 2020 class.





  • Every time we meet or talk or work on the project I feel just a little bit more knowledgeable, skilled and, perhaps most importantly, confident in what I know and can do...

  • Thank you for opening such a wonderful door of opportunity for me. These two years have been the best professional learning experience of my career.

  • NITARP has been the best experience I have ever had for my personal and professional development as an astronomy educator.

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The application period is now closed for NITARP 2024. We will release our selection for the 2024 class at the 2024 January AAS.