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Summer "Visit" - 2020 - Spider Team

Our regular summer visit to Caltech was hijacked by COVID-19. So we did an online work week instead -- 4 days when all the participants on the team come together to work intensively on the data. Reload to see a different set of quotes.

The Spider Team worked June 22-25, 2020. The 4 core team educators attended, plus 12 students.


  • [student:] Personally, the most important thing I did was getting to work with real data and seeing how it can be manipulated to relay applicable information. Students rarely get to work with anything that has relevance to modern science so that’s a uniquely exciting thing I got to be a part of.
  • [student: The best thing was] Being able to work with other people around the country and feeling the satisfaction of correctly working on data that I assumed I would not be able to understand.
  • Astronomers don’t look at the stars. They look at their computers. Not that that’s a bad thing.
  • The BEST thing about the week was seeing everyone rise to the opportunity to do this over Zoom. Seriously. There was a possibility of being burned out by “yet another Zoom”, or distractions from being at your home. Yet, we appeared to have the full buy in and attention for the entire time. I’m really proud of what we accomplished.
  • [the best thing about the week was] Being amazed, again, by the contributions of our students. We teachers are constantly urged to have students work in groups, but that so often fails in real life. Here in NITARP it works – just get out of their way and let them amaze you. Having said that, the best thing was the experience of being a student, of being in a cross-generational community of learning and discovery.

Summer "Visit" - 2020 - Spider Team