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Lauren Novatne

Ms. Lauren Novatne

Lauren Novatne

Reedley College, Reedley, California

Grades or community reached

Community College

Job Title

Physics Instructor


Ms. Novatne is NITARP's third participant from a community college. She participated on a 2012 team.





  • I assumed that [research] would require a great deal of data analysis, what I didn’t grasp until after this[, my first AAS] meeting was how focused and detailed the analysis would be. The steps in understanding that are gained through the analysis are much smaller than I anticipated they would be for the amount of work that is done.

  • The experience has changed my understanding of astronomy and how it is done, but not of astronomers.

  • By far, the most interesting part of my entire NITARP experience is the scientific method applied to the discovery process.

  • I really feel that NITARP is a gem of a program.

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