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Christi Whitworth

Ms. Christi Whitworth

Christi Whitworth

Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute, Rosman, North Carolina

Grades or community reached

General Public: Museum, Other Educators, 9, 10, 11, 12

Job Title

Education Director


Ms. Whitworth is part of the 2013 NITARP class





  • I was pleasantly surprised at the mature behavior and intellectual level of the student participants. They have taken the work seriously, enjoyed the out of work time activities and gained an incredible new network of resources for their future career endeavors. The students make excellent partners for learning and are highly able to acquire new skills. When partnered with more careful and experienced researchers, they can move through large data sets with ease, and accuracy. They are more easily frustrated by errors and do not have training in trouble shooting and meta-cognition that can let them solve more problems alone.

  • The most interesting component for me [at the 2013 AAS] turned out to be the last session on integrating computational thinking. Computational thinking and work are great component to incorporate into any student investigations. You cannot assume high school age students have a background in this type of thinking. Tools that work to help students learn this are extremely valuable for everyone in NITARP.

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