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Nicole Granucci

Ms. Nicole Granucci

Nicole Granucci

  • Sacred Heart Academy, Hamden, Connecticut
  • Oxford High School, Oxford, Connecticut (when in NITARP)

Grades or community reached

Community College, 12


Ms. Granucci is part of the NITARP 2013 class.





  • This is going to change my classroom by incorporating an astronomy club in which we will be continuing the research that I started, generating an outreach program and educating the community about astronomy.

  • [..]this experience for the students was golden. Having the chance to share this opportunity for learning with my students is by far the best thing that came out of the project.

  • Working with teachers and astronomers across the country was great for my personal knowledge. Working across times zones was another fun, but interesting challenge. Learning how to work with completely new people, being in a new place, learning new material, all of these experiences help shape me better as a person.

  • Overall, this experience was one of the best experiences educationally, personally and professionally. It was great to be part of a project and it forced me to learn, very quickly. I liked how I didn’t know everything about my project to begin with. It made me become a better learner because I was asking the questions for understanding the content. In the end, I was in charge of my learning and I learned so much because of it.

  • [Before this project,] I had two vision of astronomy: telescopes and massive equations/data tables. This trip really emphasized that it's not just telescopes and equations, but tangible data and analytical skills. It was really rewarding for my high school students and I to analyze this real data. It was also very interesting to learn that the data is public and anyone can use the data to learn science.

  • [The best thing about the Summer trip was] Working with everyone. It was a great experience to work with the whole team from around the country in conjunction with the astronomer. The team working, collaboration and excitement was contagious and motivating. We had such an amazing experience working together. This has truly been on of the most amazing trips simply because we had an amazing group of students, teachers and astronomer to work with.

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