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AAS - 2015

The Winter American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting is the largest meeting of professional astronomers in the world. NITARP educators attend an AAS first to meet their team, then they go home and work remotely for much of the year, and then attend an AAS to present their results.  At any given AAS, then, we could have two NITARP classes attending - those finishing up, and those getting started. Reload to see a different set of quotes.

The 2014 and 2015 NITARP teams attended the 2015 January AAS meeting in Seattle, WA. The 2014 class was presenting results and the 2015 class was starting up. We had many alumni raise money to come back as well. We sent about 50 people to the AAS and had a grand time. Please see the special article on NITARP at the AAS. All of the posters we presented are here:


  • One of the most surprising aspects of this process has been to discover just welcoming everyone has been. MOST of the astronomers with whom we interacted have been incredibly gracious and generous
  • [Through NITARP, I've made contacts such that even though my NITARP year is ending], I feel I am just beginning what will be a great adventure.
  • [student:] I didn’t anticipate being surrounded by other smart high schoolers. I was pleasantly surprised to meet the other students and converse with them about topics we were passionate about.
  • I realized I hate being in the student role and having that clueless feeling. But I definitely will take this back to the classroom and have more empathy for kids who tend not to ask questions.
  • [student:] I would [tell Congress] that students cannot have a more privileged opportunity. I have heard the possibility of this program shutting down, and it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart to think that others might not have the opportunities I’ve had, that others might not know what astronomy feels like, what TRUE science feels like. They may never get that hand that pulls them through the door and into that magical world of curiosity, of discovery, of innovation and revolution. 6 letters that changed my life. I would assert that Congress do everything in its power to divert more money to education focused specifically on astounding projects like this one.

AAS - 2015