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Vivian Hoette

Ms. Vivian Hoette

Vivian Hoette

Yerkes Observatory, University of Chicago, Williams Bay, Wisconsin

Grades or community reached

Other Educators, General Public: Museum, General Public: Amateur, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Job Title

Director of Astronomy Education


Ms. Hoette is the education director at Yerkes Observatory.




  • Vivian Hoette wins ASP's Brennan Award August 5, 2014

    Vivian Hoette has been awarded the ASP's Thomas J. Brennan Award for exceptional achievement relating to the teaching of astronomy at the high school level! A warm and hearty congratulations to her!

  • May 2013 updates for Ms. Johnson May 4, 2013

    Ms. Johson, along with Ms. Hoette, got some nice news coverage by the UChicago folks.

  • NITARP 2013 proposal review March 22, 2013

    All four main NITARP 2013 teams submitted research proposals. Several NITARP alumni helped review them.

  • NITARP tutorial: Skynet February 28, 2013

    Vivian Hoette shared information about Skynet with NITARP alumni in a NITARP tutorial.

  • NITARP 2012 proposal review April 9, 2012

    The regular NITARP 2012 teams submitted research proposals. Several NITARP alumni helped review their proposals. 

  • Illinois Science Education Conference Award November 15, 2011

    Ms. Hoette was recently honored at the 2011 Illinois Science Education Conference by Stars at Yerkes teachers for her contributions to astronomy education at Yerkes and throughout the world. Go Vivian!

  • ISTA Meeting October 15, 2011

    Vivian Hoette and Kevin McCarron presented a NITARP poster at the Illinois Science Teachers Association meeting in October 2011. They also gave a talk on our NITARP science and education.

    Elizabeth Ramseyer, Peggy Piper, and Richard DeCoster also included NITARP in talks given at the ISTA.

  • September 2011 Yerkes Workshop September 15, 2011

    Ms. Hoette will be running a workshop at Yerkes Observatory on Infrared Astronomy, incorporating things from her NITARP experience. Ms. Piper will also present materials from her experience.

  • January 2011 update for Ms. Hoette January 15, 2011

    Ms. Hoette's efforts to involve hearing impaired students and visually impaired students in her NITARP experience were wildly successful! The students impressed and inspired many other NITARP participants.

  • June 2010 update for Ms. Hoette June 15, 2010

    Ms. Hoette brought 6 people with her to her team's Pasadena visit in June 2010. She included 2 hearing impaired students and 1 visually impaired student, along with one teacher per student from their respective schools. The visit went very well, and we will post more information soon.

    Ms. Hoette shared what she learned at her IPAC visit about the Spitzer Heritage Archive with her Hands-On Universe colleagues at their annual summer Yerkes conference in June 2010.

  • January 2010 updates for Ms. Hoette
  • New 2010 Class October 1, 2009

    The 2010 class has been selected!


  • My observation was that [our students'] ideas for their future expanded with the whole experience. That science became more than a class but an endeavor in which they could participate.

  • [...]It seems that becoming empowered in the language and the nature of inquiry and investigation was also life changing for our teacher participants.

  • [One of the other teachers with whom I've been working, now] sees herself as being able to teach science, [...], and wants to share this excitement and potential with others who are in deaf education who might never have thought that they could teach science, with the support of the science community and with the support of a network of science educators. So many educators who work with students who have special needs specialize in supporting the needs of the students rather than the core STEM subjects, so it seems that becoming empowered in the language and the nature of inquiry and investigation was also life changing for our teacher participants.

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