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January 2010 updates for Ms. Hoette

Published: January 15, 2010

Ms. Hoette is a new NITARP teacher this year, and has just started with her team. She is exploring the possibilities of getting blind and deaf kids involved in her NITARP experience.

The AAS was very useful for Ms. Hoette -- through collaborations intiatated at the AAS, she has included a Dark Skies Workshop in a Teacher Weekend in mid-January. She helped develop the WISE asteroids educational material. She also writes:

I met with collaborators from Hubble Space Telescope Max Mutchler, and Noreen Grice, or You Can Do Astronomy to exhibit our project on the Tactile Carina. During that exhibit time, a young graduate from Univ. of Georgia (?) who was hard of hearing volunteered to let us video tape her ASL interpretation of the Tactile Carina description. This happened because I had the intention of creating an ASL video with the local School for the Deaf. Now her video will act as an introduction to the local deaf kids and we will build from there to create a fully correct ASL video during March and April. We have made a plan to do this over a two month period. I think that these efforts with a Tactile Carina can lead to a Tactile CG4 product or at least plans for one, with ASL video to go with it.

January 2010 updates for Ms. Hoette