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Cindy Melton

Ms. Cindy Melton

Cindy Melton

Coral Glades High School, Coral Springs, Florida

Grades or community reached

10, 11, 12


Ms. Melton was part of the 2012 NITARP class.





  • Using this research in my classes has provided my students with a glimpse of what professional astronomers are tasked with in describing the workings of the universe.

  • [In my classroom, I will] increase my emphasis that what is written in a textbook is not the final word on a subject. Science is an ever-evolving mechanism of discovery and nothing remains fixed in perspective or proof.

  • [attending a press conference] was extremely interesting to see how scientific discovery is transferred to the general public through publications such as Scientific American and Time.

  • [I did not anticipate] meeting a Nobel Prize Winner – Saul Perlmutter – and getting a picture with him.

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