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Todd Burke

Mr. Todd Burke

Todd Burke

Estes Park High School, Estes Park, Colorado (when in NITARP)

Grades or community reached

9, 10, 11, 12


Mr. Burke has joined NITARP as part of the 2014 class.





  • My ideas about astronomy has changed significantly, thanks to NITARP. Quite simply, I didn't understand the role of archival data in modern astronomical research. Previously, I considered it an intellectual exercise, work suitable for a reference librarian, but not real research. I now know it to comprise the future of astronomy, and the very picture of MOST of tomorrow's scientific research.

  • I already have more energy in the classroom and feel the need to pinch myself constantly.

  • Big changes for me: I am already much more committed to having my top students conduct high end research. I am more committed to having ALL my students ASK and ANSWER their own questions more often. I wonder how I can package this experience to share with other teachers.

  • [At the AAS,] All the talks I attended were truly interesting. It is pleasure to have others teach me!

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