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Visiting student policy

All visiting students must be "up to speed" on the research program on which they are working on before they visit IPAC, and they will be expected to work hard. Visits to IPAC are for students who will be deeply involved in the program for at least one academic year. Students are expected to take part in the data analysis, and will be expected to participate fully during their visit to IPAC. Students will also be expected to give presentations at their schools, science fairs, and other events to demonstrate their participation in the program and should be asked to write up reports stating what they have learned and accomplished.

In addition, all visiting students must provide the legal forms, signed, in advance. Teachers should also bring a copy of these forms as backup, particularly the medical ones. Teachers also need to sign the media release for themselves.

The work that students are expected to do will be very challenging, but can have many rewards. Students will learn what it is like to be deeply involved in real science research. Many of our past students have gone on to win top honors at their regional and state science fairs, and have placed very highly in the prestigious INTEL Science Fair. Some have even written and published their own scientific papers, and have gone on to study astronomy and physics in college.

Educators may be interested in resources on how to pick students. Also see page on visiting IPAC.

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