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Student Selection Advice

As part of NITARP, participants get 3 trips, with reasonable expenses paid. On two of those trips, participant educators may bring up to two students per teacher.

In general, we leave it to your judgement to decide whether to bring students, and if so, who to bring.

You do not HAVE to bring students. If no one ‘steps up’, or you run into bureaucratic snags, or you would be more comfortable learning yourself first, or you feel your own learning would be enhanced if you were alone, THIS IS FINE.

We leave it to you to figure out (if) who to bring. Pick the leaders, or the ones who would benefit the most, or the smartest, or the ones who want it the most. You’re their conduit; you have to work with ‘em! Talk with your mentor teacher, your scientist, your team, past participants.

You can raise your own money to bring up to 2 more students on these trips. We strongly recommend no more than 4 -- we have noticed that if educators bring more than four students, they spend all their time shepherding rather than learning for themselves. The students you bring in the summer need not have to be the same ones you bring to the AAS – though they often are!  Additional adults change the chemistry more substantially than additional students, so please don’t raise money to bring more adults.  If your own kids are of the appropriate age, you can feel free to bring them, but travel rules dictate that they must stay with you in your hotel room.

Of course, you can involve as many folks (of whatever age) as you want at home, to whatever degree makes sense to you, on whatever timescale.

Student selection: Some of you may find useful the this set of files, provided by Tim Spuck -- these files are what Tim uses to select students for participation in this program. Similarly, this file is what John Blackwell uses to select students.

Student preparation: You may find these notes, from Beth Thomas, useful. Also, this movie on logarithms from Caroline Odden, as well as this movie on the magnitude system, also from Caroline Odden.

We're back from the Jan 2024 AAS and we had a grand time!