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Debbie Kaiser

Ms. Debbie Kaiser

Debbie Kaiser

Sherando High School, Stephens City, Virginia

Grades or community reached

9, 11, 12


Ms. Kaiser was on one of the first NITARP teams.





  • It was wonderful to see the students from last year presenting their posters and talking with astronomers and teachers from all over the world.

  • One of the things that I did not anticipate was being so PROUD of our work. I was convinced I would be nervous and unsure of myself as people I envisioned as being more important than myself grilled me with questions. I was pleased to find that nearly everyone who stopped by our posters was inquisitive, supportive and seemed genuinely interested. I also surprised myself with how comfortable I became with talking to these people as they came by and asked their questions.

  • The science part of our project was overwhelming to me at first. [...]Since then I have learned an incredible amount from my mentor teacher, mentor scientists and my group members.

  • One of the most interesting things I learned while working with my team was how unique and surprising each star can be.

  • This experience convinced me even further that I can push myself to learn even more each and every day. I started out feeling very overwhelmed and unprepared last year. I forced myself to work through my unease and wound up much more comfortable. I learned that astronomers are much more down-to-earth than I envisioned a lot of them to be and so many of them are very willing to go out of their way to explain things when we have questions.

  • I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate in the NITARP program for the past year. I gained experience that I never thought I would be capable of, gained many new resources, and learned more that I ever expected. It has been a very unique and productive experience and I am proud of both the scientific research we accomplished and the educational aspects that were brought to our school systems.

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