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January 2015 updates for Ms. Powers

Published: January 12, 2015

Ms. Powers got her Masters of Science in Science Education last month; her Capstone project included NITARP in part -- it was titled "Impact of Authentic Astronomical Research on Astronomy Club Students."

She raised money, and brought her two students to the January AAS to present a poster -- the students led a poster on the impact of NITARP and MESDT on their lives. The students want to go to more AAS meetings. They networked during the meeting and found someone to work with for new projects at Montana State University. One of the main reasons they were able to make this connection is because they already know Python through their work with SHIPs. They are working on a blog post for Spitzer.

Ms. Powers reports that they had a "Very positive, fruitful and fun meeting. We were able to meet face to face and get things coordinated very quickly."

Way to go, guys! :)


January 2015 updates for Ms. Powers
Ms. Powers, her students, and their poster.