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April-June 2007 updates for NITARP

Published: June 15, 2007

  • The Star Formation team is doing some additional work on their data and will be working on a poster to be presented at the next AAS meeting in January.
  • Ardis Herrold's student, Zackery Schroeder, presented the results of his Spitzer research at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair at Albuquerque, NM in May. He received a fourth place in the Physics & Astronomy division. Zak also published his research in the RBSE Journal sponsored by NOAO, which will come out sometime this summer.
  • Rosa Hemphill's student, Emily Petroff, did an independent project directly related to Spitzer research and presented her results at the INTEL science and engineering fair. At the ISEF she received the Priscilla and Bart Bok Second Place Award from the American Astronomical Society and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. She also received the American Association of Physics Teachers Outstanding Physics Student of the Year Award. Emily also presented her work at the OES Science Symposium (April 27, 2007) and reported her work in the OES 2006-2007 Research Activity Journal (June 2007). Emily's cluster work is a direct benefit of the Spitzer Teacher Program and support from program mentors (Drs. Greg Rudnick, Rose Finn, and Vandana Desai).
  • Jeff Adkins' students Manutej Mulaveesala, Thomas Travagli, and Alekzandir Morton presented a science fair project on the results of observing S5 0716+714 using the Spitzer Space Telescope and ground-based telescopes. They won 1st place in 11th grade physical science at their local science fair, and were invited to compete at the California State Science Fair. They won a 4th place at the California State Science Fair as well. The young men also received a medallion from the Yale Science and Engineering Association for Most Outstanding 11th Grade Exhibit in Computer Science, Engineering, Physics or Chemistry. The students have also been presenting their work at several meetings.
  • Thomas Loughran's students, seniors Matt Pellegrino and Vinay Patel wrote up the results of their year-long study of star formation rate and morphology of three clusters observed with Spitzer. The results were accepted for publication in the RBSE Journal
  • Cynthia Weehler reports that the Spitzer Teacher Program is partly responsible for the San Antonio Independent School District's decision to add Astronomy courses to their high school curriculum.

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