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October 2005 updates for Ms. Weehler

Published: October 15, 2005

Ms. Weehler presented 2 workshops at San Antonio Regional Science/Math Saturday on Oct. 15, to teachers from around Texas; "Incredible Infrared: Feeling and Hearing Light" and one on the Spitzer Teacher Research Project.

Ms. Weehler presented two workshops at the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teachers (CAST) in Houston, TX, on Oct. 27-29. These workshops were co-presented with Babs Sepulveda and each was 1.5 hours long. She also gave our website to a NASA clearing-house group at the conference who had heard of us by word of mouth only but had placed us in their brochure.

Ms. Weehler used the Texas Public Radio Station (KSTX) recording studio and equipment for student Jessica Herrera to interview Dr. Tom Soifer from San Antonio about the Spitzer Telescope and Teacher Research Program. Jessica used this information to write a story for The Harvest News, the Burbank High School student paper. She was also interviewed by Rolando Martinez for The Communicator, the San Antonio Independent Schoo l District newsletter. The Spitzer Program has now been written up three times in school district newsletters.

Student Jessica Herrera and Ms. Weehler were both interviewed by Ernie Villarreal at KSTX for a story that he will produce in January, to be aired before the AA S conference in Washington D.C. where we will present our poster papers. Jessica has been working on making tri-color images using Maxim DL and writing a composite of the surveys that the teachers and students in the group answered after the trip to the SSC in Pasadena.

Ms Weehler has been working on writing and submitting the abstract for the educational poster paper for IC 2118, and is currently working on putting the poster paper together from submissions from members of the group.

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