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April-June 2007 updates for Mr. Blackwell

Published: June 30, 2007

Mr. Blackwell worked with students in his Astronomy-I class to determine SFRs for all three galaxy clusters and arrived at values consistent with those found by other team members. Two sections of Astronomy-III which is a project based course for the advanced students. Two students worked on morphology using the Spitzer data in combination with the HST imagery also provided to the team. Results were presented to the class and to the Science Department as a whole.

Phillips Exeter Academy has had its first of three astronomy conferences during this last week in June. Please see for more information:

This conference will be held again in two year's time and again in 2011. The goals are to:

  • * Share their experiences as astronomy educators,
    * Generate long-term collaborations between astronomy programs at various schools,
    * Learn about changes to the science of astronomy and to astronomy education,
    * Revitalize and refresh astronomy educators.

14 educators took part in the program (a full house) and shared their knowledge. The Spitzer project was discussed quite a bit, as Mr. Blackwell presented the project goals and results along with the pedagogical use of such projects. It was very well received.

From June 29, 2007 to July 2, 2007, Mr. Blackwell plans to be in Tucson with the new cohort of A-RBSE (formerly TLRBSE) at NOAO sharing his experiences with the RBSE projects including the Spitzer work. He expects 14 new educators to be present along with the NOAO educators, and scientists.

On August 25, 2007, Mr. Blackwell has plans with the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium in Concord, NH to present the results of the Spitzer project to the public. Attendance can reach up to 90 people of all ages and backgrounds. His goal will be to help the public appreciate the Spitzer telescope (celebrating its birthday) and the project along with galactic cosmology.

We're back from the Jan 2024 AAS and we had a grand time!