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June 2006 updates for Mr. Blackwell

Published: June 30, 2006

Mr. Blackwell's group has completed its reading assignments (Galaxies in the Universe, Sparke) to cover the essential topics of galaxy cluster physics, morphology and photometric analysis. Each of the teachers has completed a report outlining the critical knowledge for the work they are doing and has sent that into Greg for reading. He is planning on getting back to us individually and as a group to confirm, reinforce, or alter our perceptions of the process.

Mr. Blackwell's spring term Astronomy-III course (most advanced) learned extensively about multi-wavelength astronomy with particular emphasis on the IR spectrum and telescopes such as the Spitzer. They worked on image analysis using prepared images from the SST institute.

Mr. Blackwell's school (Phillips Exeter Academy), placed a news brief about his involvement in the program on its press release site and on its webpages. Estimated audience: unknown, but many! He is scheduled to present to a group of up to 90 people this August at the local planetarium about the Spitzer Space Telescope and the Spitzer star formation project in particular.

Mr. Blackwell reports that his students are very much fascinated by his efforts in astronomy outside of the classroom. They have followed the program with interest and eagerness to see results (which are forthcoming) later this summer. Their classroom studies of multi-wavelength astronomy have really broadened their minds as far as science. Much of what people learn up to this point (high school) is tangible. "Seeing the invisible" has made a great impact on them: now they can think outside the box, which makes them better scientists.

The application period is now closed for NITARP 2024. We will release our selection for the 2024 class at the 2024 January AAS.