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January 2011 updates for Ms. Piper

Published: January 15, 2011

Ms. Piper presented the results of her 2010 team's work at the Seattle AAS in January 2011. Here is the team's science poster and education poster. Ms. Piper was the first author on the education poster. Please see the AAS 2011 page for a summary of this team's activities.

Ms. Piper very much enjoyed her second AAS. She writes:

Attending the AAS in Seattle with my students was an incredible experience. I got a chance to step back and see [my students] interact confidently with their peers, other educators and professional astronomers from all over the world. We started this journey exactly a year ago and have come a long way. Learning scientfic concepts and doing authentic scientific research was only part of the experience, we also learned to communicate across the country. [...]

Our kids did a fantastic job of interacting with the many astronomers and educators that came to see our poster. They were poised and knowledgeable and handled questions with ease. I heard many compliments not only about the students explanation of our work, but also about the great job they did constructing their poster.

We didn't get quite as much traffic at the science poster which allowed us to visit near by posters. How cool for the kids see a poster right next to theirs being presented by three university professors on one side and a graduate student on the other.

The team also got some good local media coverage of their trip.

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