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I've been involved in many professional development activities and this is by far the best one I've ever done

Chelen Johnson



Star Formation in Bright Rimmed Clouds (BRCs): Using Spitzer Space Telescope infrared images to find optically enshrouded stars that are in the process of formation in BRC 27 and BRC 34, which are clouds of gas being illuminated by other nearby, newly formed (but un-enshrouded) stars.

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Our Participants Talk About NITARP

  • Senson

    NITARP has been the best experience I have ever had for my personal and professional development as an astronomy educator.

  • Curtis

    The NITARP experience is truly phenomenal, and our scientist was wonderful to work with – never condescending and always very clear in his explanations.

  • Doyle

    Thank you for such a first class learning experience.