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I've been involved in many professional development activities and this is by far the best one I've ever done

Chelen Johnson



The StarChasers team will be looking for new young stellar objects (YSOs) in a TBD region where other people have already found a few YSOs; StarChasers will be looking to see (a) if the published list of YSOs seem to be real YSOs, given additional data, and (b) if they can find additional YSO candidates.

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Our Participants Talk About NITARP

  • Mccutcheon

    I believe having students work with other students from other schools has much value.

  • Wommack

    Participating in NITARP has made me more confident about teaching Astronomy and communicating to students about how archive Astronomy research is done. They are surprised to learn that even THEY could do Astronomy research. My students and I had such a experience (they LOVED the JPL tour) and I'd love to participate again because I have some new students that I think would love this program!

  • Laura

    [...]creativity has to be a underling personality trait for scientists