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I've been involved in many professional development activities and this is by far the best one I've ever done

Chelen Johnson

Cyclops AGN/Gorjian

Cyclops AGN/Gorjian

The Cyclops AGN team will be continuing the work of last year's AGNatha team, using WISE data to identify anomalous AGN in Gaia.

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Our Participants Talk About NITARP

  • Urbanowski

    NITARP totally changed the way I teach, and I am grateful. Spreadsheets and data infuse my lessons. I assign kids to create spreadsheets to demonstrate that they really know how to, for example, apply trig to a problem, and then use those spreadsheets to use their solution to answer a question.

  • Img_9306

    Honestly, I left [the 2013 AAS] a bit more in love with astronomy. I just plain had fun wandering and treated myself to time as a learner. It is not often we, educators, get to slide out of expert mode and into learner mode.

  • Mccutcheon

    For the teacher, connecting with working scientists and networking with other colleagues has immeasurable value. I plan to utilize these relationships and potentially other projects spawned by them for years to come.