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RBSE Journal Articles

The original Spitzer program drew all of its participants from the RBSE program. When RBSE was still running at NOAO, they hosted a refereed journal specifically for student research. Here are articles in that journal that emerged from work with the Spitzer Teacher Program.

2009 RBSE Journal:

  • Identifying T Tauri Stars Using Small Optical Telescopes by Jennifer Butchart, Oil City Area Senior High School, Oil City, PA, Teacher: Mr. Tim Spuck, pages 24-32.
  • Investigating Star Formation in Lynds Cloud 981 by Rachele M. Siegel Oil City Area Senior High School, Oil City, PA, Teacher: Tim Spuck, pages 33-45.
  • Star Formation in Isolated Dark Nebulae: YSOs in LDN 981 by Justin Boerma, Stephen Brock, and Trevor DeWolf Chippewa Hills High School, Remus, MI, Teacher: Cris DeWolf, pages 46-56.

2007 RBSE Journal:

  • Spectral Analysis of Blazar S5 0716+714 using Spitzer Infrared Space Telescope and New Mexico Skies Telescopes by Alekzandir Morton, Manutej Mulaveesala and Thomas Travagli, Deer Valley High School, Antioch, CA (Teacher Jeff Adkins), pages 49 - 56
  • Galaxy Clusters: The Local Effects on Star Synthesis by Zachary Schroeder, Gross Pointe North High School (Teacher Ardis Herrold), pages 66-79
  • Star Formation Rate in Three High-Redshift Galaxy Clusters: A Contribution to the Study of Galactic Evolution by Vinay Patel and Matt Pellegrino, Saint Joseph's High School, South Bend, IN (Teacher Thomas Loughran) - pages 80-94

2006 RBSE Journal:

  • Micro-Variability of 4c29.45 using the Spitzer Space Telescope and Ground Based Telescopes by Brielle Hinckley

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