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August 2006 updates for Ms. Dowdy

Published: August 15, 2006

Ms. Dowdy currently has a student working on a senior project and she plans to teach him how to access the Spitzer data. His project will be used to help her develop research project ideas using Spitzer data.

The Star Formation group that Ms. Dowdy is working with has already begun the process of reducing their new data. She plans to use this project with one of her classes. Ms. Dowdy plans to teach about the project and allow the students to ask their own questions about the data.

Ms. Dowdy plans to offer a workshop in her district dealing with infrared astronomy and she has submitted a proposal to do so at the NSTA. Also, she plan to submit an article to the Science Teacher.

The 2023 NITARP application is now available! Go here for the instructions. Applications are due by 3pm Pacific time, Monday Sep 12, 2022. (NOTE: we do not yet know if we will be permitted to travel to the AAS!)