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September 2020 updates for Mr. Kearns

Published: September 18, 2020

Mr. Kearns writes:

I was able to do another outreach event now that we are back at school. A Mitchell High School Algebra I class made a 1 to 10 billion scale model of the solar system with a 3d printer.  The planets are being installed at scale distances along the main walking path to Burris Elementary School In Mitchell.  The 8th grade science classes are working on creating informational videos and signs that can be linked by a QR code put on each planet's mount. 

I presented a brief program at the virtual meeting of INAAPT (INdiana section of the American Association of Physics Teachers) on September 26.  My presentation focused mainly on how to access images of objects at different wavelengths using IRSA Viewer and various ways that these images can be used to help students understand physics topics.  I also described the NITARP program and my experience of it as a physics and math teacher.
September 2020 updates for Mr. Kearns