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Multi-year update for Ms. Kelly

Published: January 14, 2020


Susan Meabh Kelly attended the AAS.


Attended CAPER workshop dedicated to broadening astronomy participation during AAS, Boston.


Susan Meabh Kelly designed and organized a summer astronomy research program for culturally diverse urban high school students.  Students met on the campus of University of Arizona for two weeks, during which time they gained tools and skills to collaboratively construct and compare observed and predicted models of type I AGN. Students exchanged ideas and models remotely -- just like professional astronomers! Mentoring of students was also supported by Dr. Varoujan Gorjian (JPL), as well as Dr. Connie Walker (NOAO).

Members of the 2015-2016 out of school astronomy research program published their results at the 2016 American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco.

Susan Meabh Kelly was invited to contribute to the European Geophysical Union meeting's annual Geosciences Information for Teachers (GIFT) event in Vienna. Astronomy education had been selected as the 2016 event's theme, and Ms. Kelly and fellow EGU-sponsored international science teachers shared their experiences and innovations. Ms. Kelly presented authentic astronomy research activities that require collaboration between geographically and culturally diverse students. NITARP and the 2015-2016 astronomy research program Ms. Kelly had organized were among several activities she had shared.


Ms. Kelly convened a panel session at the American Geophysical Union meeting in Washington, DC dedicated to teacher-scientist partnerships. She invited NITARP participant, Vin Urbanowski, to share his experience with this program.

Susan Meabh Kelly was selected by the Connecticut Technology Council as a 2018 Woman of Innovation. The council recognized her efforts to provide authentic research experiences that require application of technology and computation, such as that supported by her out of school astronomy research program.


Susan Meabh Kelly presented a session about the use of publicly available geoscience databases, including those used by NITARP participants, at the National Science Teaching Association conference. She highlighted associated professional learning opportunities, secondary students' application and development of computation skills, and publication of associated authentic science research at AAS and AGU.

The 2025 NITARP application is now available! Go here for the instructions. Applications are due by 3pm Pacific time, Friday Sep 13, 2024. (NOTE: contingent on availability of funds and AAS travel!)