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January 2020 updates for Mr. Butler

Published: January 13, 2020

Mr. Butler writes:

If it wasn’t for my participation in NITARP I would have never interacted with professional astronomers and even had an inkling about how to write a paper. Between the use of Spitzer data and the knowledge gained by working with Varoujan and Luisa, I would have never achieved my desire to learn more than just identifying stars and planets in the night sky.  I have conducted tours of Mt. Wilson’s 100” telescope and Hale’s first telescope, the 60”.  I hosted a tour of the Board of Directors of The Discovery Science Museum in Orange County.  I worked with Concordia University helping them acquire a 2 meter reflecting telescope and arrange for a lecture by a professional astronomer. I have attended several special events at our local observatory known as the Griffith Observatory.  I regularly attend lecture at Caltech and have assisted Tom Prince with obtaining data from a Hawaii based observatory. In that regard I am working also with a Maui-based astronomer on the subject of hyper-velocity stars.

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