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October 2016 updates for Mr. Sanchez

Published: October 5, 2016

Mr. Sanchez is planning on coming back to the AAS with four students in Jan 2017 with posters on asteroid light curves and variable stars obtained with data from Yerkes Observatory. He writes:

... again thank you for all experiences and opportunities you have given me. I feel the NITARP experience will be a major influence for me here on out.  FYI, I am in the planning stages of forming a research elective class at the 8th grade level with the idea those who wish to will have an opportunity to present at a conference within their topic of research. Also, here is a list of the other things going on:

  • Have started the groundwork for a weekly radio program on astronomy. There is a local audience of about 6500.
  • Developed a community astronomy class (4x2 hour evening classes). It will be starting soon.
  • Took 5 students to Yerkes Observatory for a weeklong workshop.
  • Planning 2 poster presentations at 2017 AAS meeting. (2 groups of 3 students)
  • Helped with a teacher workshop at Yerkes observatory in March reaching 12 teachers.
  • Presenting at October 2016  meeting of NSTA in Minneapolis on NITARP experience with Robert Palmer.
  • Working with community efforts for the 2017 Solar Eclipse. Attended Casper’s city wide planning.
  • Attended SDSS workshop for teachers in Madison WI June 2016.
  • Working with 2 others to form a committee on dark skies for our community of 4500 in Buffalo.



October 2016 updates for Mr. Sanchez
Students at Yerkes Observatory