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August 2005 updates for Mr. Chun

Published: August 15, 2005

Mr. Chun's workshops will not occur until October and November. He was informed on September 2nd that his group's third object v347 Pav is now available in the archives. He checked the archives and the IRAC files are ready to be downloaded and processed. However, the teachers are not ready to process the data yet. The PC users in his group do not have UNIX or LINUX based computers. Mr. Chun is still checking for the availablity of a Mac friendly version of MOPEX. The teachers are nearly ready to create SEDs for GG Leo and AAVSO 0150-60.

Future Plans

Mr. Chun plans on giving a district wide IR workshop in October 2005.

Mr. Chun has been asked to give an hour-long presentation on the Spitzer Telescope and the research the twelve teachers are doing for the Skyscrapers-a local Rhode Island astronomy group-on November 4, 2005.

The 2023 NITARP application is now available! Go here for the instructions. Applications are due by 3pm Pacific time, Monday Sep 12, 2022. (NOTE: we do not yet know if we will be permitted to travel to the AAS!)