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October 2016 updates for Mr. Hall

Published: October 3, 2016

Mr. Hall writes:

Every summer I instruct teachers from all over South Carolina in an institute  called P.L.U.S..  It is based at Roper Mountain Science Center  in Greenville.  This last summer, we  hosted 8th grade science teachers in astronomy and physical science.  I was fortunate to have a lot to share due to my experiences with NITARP.    I started off with..."It's OK not to know something",  which my NITARP team and I were told many times.  I think just that one statement helped my  teachers feel better about their level of knowledge. 

Before I could get into the science of our project, I related the very human side of our Mentor Scientists and how we all met at Luisa's home for pizzas to help us jell as a team.

I discussed what our research was and showed a PPT.  I did bring back a lot of Spitzer posters and super handouts.  After I passed them out to the teachers, I got a standing ovation for the awesome goodies!

This picture that is included shows me in one of the classes.  If you look behind me,  you will see our posters!  

This little bit of sharing is only the beginning.  I have been asked to present in other venues.

Thank you for a life changing experience.

October 2016 updates for Mr. Hall
Mr. Hall giving a class about Spitzer and his NITARP experiences.