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January 2011 updates for Ms. Borders

Published: January 15, 2011

September, 2010: Panelist at NASA Stakeholders' Meeting in Chantilly, Virginia. My topic was STEM education and I focused on three areas: authentic student and teacher research experiences (Spitzer, WISE); accomplished teaching (i.e. National Board); and community, parent, business, and policy partnerships.

October, 2010: Two students were selected to attend the STS-133 launch in Cape Canaveral. They spent five days in Orlando, networking with other schools, engaging in educational activities, and touring Kennedy Space Center. Unfortunately, safety and weather concerns delayed the launch each day. The students returned home with improved leadership skills and greater scientific understandings, but without viewing the launch.

October, 2010: We held a family science night that featured chemistry and astronomy. Specifically, families learned about the hallmarks of chemical reactions and how astronomers analyze light to determine the elemental makeup of stars.

December, 2010: Kareen Borders was selected as the 2009 Washington State Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching. She attended an awards week from in December that included conversations at NSF, discussions with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, professional development activities, and meetings with White House STEM policy advisors. The week also included a brief meeting with President Obama--definitely a highlight. While in Washington D.C., Kareen talked specifically with NSF, White House policy advisors, and Department of Education advisors about the importance of teacher and student research programs such as Spitzer. In particular, she emphasized the greater impact that sustained, on-going programs have over shorter, isolated workshops. [Ed note: way to go, Kareen!!!!!!]

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