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October 2005 updates for NITARP

Published: October 15, 2005

  • The Iron Star Group reports that one of their objects, AS 325, will be observed on October 10th, 2005. The other object, XX Oph, was observed in Cycle I and that data won't be available until late spring of 2006. They have discussed writing a letter to the other investigator who obtained those data and seeing if they could share the data. They are all awaiting the arrival of the data and are anxious to get together early next spring to reduce and analyze the data.
  • Steve Howell has some additional ground based AS 325 (and XX Oph) spectra from June, July, August and Septempber that the team will use as part of their complete picture. The spectra of AS 325 are taken more or less throughout the eclipse.

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