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January 2006 updates for Mr. Taylor

Published: January 15, 2006

Mr. Taylor attended the January 2006 AAS meeting in Washington D.C. He and the Star Formation group planned both the educational and preliminary project plans. He learned about IR wavelengths from activities presented at the meeting and enjoyed talking with astronomers who had poster presentations.

Future Plans

Mr. Taylor is working to set up workshops in his school district and at his state meeting next fall. He is planning to write an article for the state science teacher newsletter and is exploring a credit class/inservice through the local college.

Involvement in the Spitzer project and the enthusiastic response of his students to research has prompted Mr. Taylor to raise funds for professional level software. They are buying six sets of Sky6 Professional and CCDSoft Version 5, ~$3600 worth of software. It will be used in the search for near earth asteroids part of the near earth object observation program.

The 2023 NITARP application is now available! Go here for the instructions. Applications are due by 3pm Pacific time, Monday Sep 12, 2022. (NOTE: we do not yet know if we will be permitted to travel to the AAS!)