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March 2006 updates for Mr. Taylor

Published: March 15, 2006

Mr. Taylor has been reading the Galaxy book by Sparke & Gallagher. He has also prepared two powerpoint presentations for his students, one on our galaxy and the other on galaxies in general. His students are excited by the opportunity to work together on a research project.

Mr. Taylor taught about IR wavelengths using Cool Cosmos and also used the Cool Cosmos website to have his students prepare powerpoint presentations at multiple wavelengths using the site gallery materials. He is teaching about galaxies. They will do the TLRBSE AGN project starting in three weeks. They have just finished learning about Hubble's Law and the expanding universe using the CLEA-Hubble Redshift activity.

Well, we couldn't go to the January AAS, but we still started the 2022 class! The 2021 class will go to the June AAS.