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March 2006 updates for Ms. Stefaniak

Published: March 15, 2006

Ms. Stefaniak worked with her honors chemistry students to produce activities at the fourth annual Science Night Live at Allentown Elementary School. They also helped run the Science Night Live for the third graders at Allentown Elementary. There were about 500 kids with their families for a 2 hour science-a-thon.

Ms. Stefaniak's astronomy students worked as volunteers at the PTA's Science Night on Friday, March 3. All third grade students at Upper Freehold Regional Elementary School, their parents and younger siblings are invited. The night runs as a series of tables and booths that the students and their parents can circulate among to learn and play with science related activities. The student demonstrated astronomy activities and showed a short powerpoint loop of NASA's great observatories with the "greatest hits" images from Spitzer, Chandra and Hubble. They also distributed solar system coloring books and copies of the NASA/NOAO press release of the brown dwarf article. All told, there were about 120 kids and their family members.

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