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April-June 2006 updates for Ms. Sepulveda

Published: June 15, 2006

Ms. Sepulveda gave a presentation at the TLRBSE summer session on how she incorporate doing authentic research with her students. She has reviewed the new information on her Spitzer group's web site in preparation for the team's visit to the SSC this summer. In the classroom, Ms. Sepulveda has written several new sections for the Spitzer Student Handbook. The new sections are: Working in MaxIm DL, Student Background Information on the IC 2118 project, Student Literature Search assignment for the IC 2118 project, Student Background Information on low- mass star formation, Student Background Information on spectral energy distributions, Student Background Information on color-color diagrams. She is planning to meet with the team next week to work on the round 2 data and begin working on developing instructional materials for other teachers.

The application period is now closed for NITARP 2024. We will release our selection for the 2024 class at the 2024 January AAS.