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September 2006 updates for Ms. Roelofsen

Published: September 15, 2006

Ms. Roelofsen Moody just moved to New Jersey from Connecticut and started working at the New Jersey Astronomy Center for Education, where she will be running a variety of workshops. The first one will be on October 3rd. This is the Intro to Hands-on Astronomy 1 and it will mainly cover material related to the Earth, Sun and Moon as well as the scale of the solar system. The second workshop will be on October 25th. This is Intro to Hands-on Astro 2 and it will mainly cover Stars, Galaxies and the Universe. She expects that she will have much more opportunity to encorporate Spitzer material into the second of these two workshops. Ms. Roelofsen Moody will have 3 more workshops in November/December. She expects each workshop will have an enrollment of 10-20 teachers, who will be K-12 teachers from various nearby districts in New Jersey.

Ms. Roelofsen Moody hopes to continue research on both IC2118 and M81. She would love to find ways to incorporate Spitzer and/or infrared material into most of her upcoming workshops. She is exploring the possibility of designing a separate workshop specific to Infrared Astronomy.

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