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January 2011 updates for Ms. Ramseyer

Published: January 15, 2011

Ms. Ramseyer presented the results of her 2010 team's work at the Seattle AAS in January 2011.

Ms. Ramseyer again enoyed her AAS experience. She writes:

Turner and Kolb's Dark Matter/Dark Energy talk was a big hit with my students. They had many questions afterwards. [...] The information received in the lecture showed my students that there are so many more questions to answer in our Universe. I believe it also opened their eyes to the life of an astronomer/researcher. [...] I think it also was an invaluable experience for them to see that it is "ok" to ask questions. Questions are what drives science. [...] [I] will enjoy finding excellent tidbits [out of the materials I collected] to use in [my] classroom.

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