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July-September 2008 updates for Dr. Loughran

Published: September 15, 2008

In July, Dr. Loughran traveled with students Matt Pellegrino and Vinay Patel to the Spitzer Science Center to work with the 2006 cohort of Spitzer teachers and astronomers Greg Rudnick, Vandana Desai and Rose Finn. They succeeded in establishing an estimate of the star formation rate for cl1037 during a productive three-day session. (Photo attached.) On return, Matt and Vinay continued to read background material and message the data; currently they are working toward a possible Siemens and/or Intel science fair submission. Each of them prepared and delivered one half of a two-part PowerPoint presentation to their Saint Joseph's High School Research Community: on multi-wavelength astronomy, IR and Spitzer; and on the galaxy cluster star formation rate project.

Dr. Loughran is preparing a Halloween presentation to elementary and middle school students at the Science Spooktacular!. The presentation will introduce multi-wavelength astronomy and the Spitzer Space Telescope using an IR camera on loan again from Indiana University's astronomy group. Face painting with ice will provide cool and ghoulish entertainment, as well as stir up interest in Spitzer images. The Joint Institute of Nuclear Astrophysics will participate in the display, offering some insight into stellar formation as well as providing a range of follow-up programs, including the Sensing Our World program for middle school students.

We're back from the Jan 2024 AAS and we had a grand time!