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February 2006 updates for Dr. Loughran

Published: February 15, 2006

113 students at Saint Joseph's High School experienced the world through the lense of an infrared camera borrowed from Dr. Catherine Pilachowski of Indiana University, thus putting into practice the hands-on experience we were offered with a similar camera at the Spitzer/TLRBSE seminar for new Spitzer teachers at the AAS in January 2006.

The camera was on loan for a Spitzer presentation at Science Alive! During that event (Feb 4, 2006), 1500 persons, mostly elementary and middle school children and their families, experienced face painting with ice in front of an IR camera viewed on an 8 foot screen. Each person took home an 8 x 10 color reprint of a Spitzer astroimage. The Spitzer presentation was held in cooperation with the Joint Institute on Nuclear Astrophysics, which runs a host of programs for middle and high school students during the summer and ran a booth next to our Spitzer booth at Science Alive!

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