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Summer "Visit" - 2020 - OIRMA

Our regular summer visit to Caltech was hijacked by COVID-19. So we did an online work week instead -- 4 days when all the participants on the team come together to work intensively on the data. Reload to see a different set of quotes.

OIRMA worked July 5-9, 2020. The 5 core team educators attended, plus 6 students.


  • Real astronomy is the business of trying to answer previously unanswered questions about the cosmos using methods that use (or take into account, in the case of theory) actual data from actual measurements.
  • [student:] The best thing about the week was that I as a student was able to help out and contribute ideas to the project. I was not just being told what to do, but I had the opportunity to actually help solve problems and find solutions.
  • I understood that Astronomy is data driven, but working through this data analysis just enhanced my understand and the scope of this. I also understand better the challenges that Astronomers have in determining what data is needed and being able to access that data.
  • Working together is crucial to the project so when one person fell behind or was confused, there were multiple people to help them get on track. I feel that we are even more comfortable working collaboratively after the 4 days and we were able to feed off of each other’s ideas and strengths regularly.
  • I was super impressed with the uniformity of effort and contribution from both educators and students. I think seeing this meant a lot to the students.

Summer "Visit" - 2020 - OIRMA