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Summer Visit - 2017 - SIRXS-DEEP

The summer visit to Caltech is 4 days long and is the only time during the year of work when all the participants on the team come together in person to work intensively on the data. Generally, each educator may bring up to two students to the summer visit that are paid for by NITARP, and they may raise funds to bring two more. The teams work at Caltech; the summer visit typically includes a half-day tour of JPL, which is a favorite site for group photos. Reload to see a different set of quotes.

The SIRXS-DEEP team came to visit in June 2017. The core team educators attended, plus 8 students.


  • [student:] Astronomers should be patient, organized, and have a knack for patterns.
  • The understanding that the high school students reached concerning the science behind our project was much deeper than I expected.
  • The energy, commitment, and teaching ability of the NITARP mentors is amazing. Luisa and Varoujan are the heart and soul of the experience and make NITARP such a great program. In addition, our team of educators has become very tight and we all are committed to working hard on our SIRXS-Deep project.
  • [student:] The least surprising was that the work was going to be hard, intense, and brutal. But I liked it very much anyway. I knew it would be hard but it is still rough when you have to think so hard and long in the middle of summer.
  • [student:] The most surprising thing I learned was that astronomy involves lots of chemistry which wasn't obvious when you first think about astronomy.

Summer Visit - 2017 - SIRXS-DEEP