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I've been involved in many professional development activities and this is by far the best one I've ever done

Chelen Johnson



The Sharpless CHARcuterie Playground (SCHARP) team will be studying several targets selected from the Sharpless (1959) catalog to see if there are young stars therein.

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Our Participants Talk About NITARP

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    I enjoyed meeting the students from the other schools. They were polite, articulate, and intelligent. I thought the teachers and parents had done a great job raising these kids and preparing them for the meeting. I hope my students are half as good.

  • Mark

    I kept wishing this program had been available when I was a kid. Wanting to be a scientist, I had no role model or support and never pursued it.

  • Curtis

    Thanks so much for an amazing experience. NITARP has opened doors for me in many ways. It’s exposed me to real research, it’s got me thinking about ways to innovate and create real research experiences for my students, and it’s made me aware of the numerous opportunities out there for science teachers to become better at what they do.